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Welcome to OTOAOCigars.Com, your one-stop-shop for the best places to buy cigars online including accessories and the like.

If you’re the gentleman (or gentle lady) who enjoys a truly distinctive tobacco smoking experience, this is the place for you.

The world of cigar smoking can seem a little intimidating. There’s just so much learn, do, explore, and most importantly, smoke. But what makes a fine connoisseur is not HOW much you smoke what WHAT you smoke. Quality over quantity, like that of a fine automobile. A Bugatti, for example, is only as luxurious as its handcrafted properties. Without that special ‘human touch’ it would be no different than your Ford production car off the factory line. Not that we see anything wrong with it, but the difference between a cigar SMOKER and a cigar CONNOISSEUR, is his taste in cigars.

Like that of a wine connoisseur it’s a unique lifestyle previously reserved for the rich and famous with access to storehouses of only the best cigar makers have to offer. But it need not be an expensive passion. Besides, some of the priciest cigars can leave a sour taste in your mouth. A little creativity goes a long way.

What makes a cigar connoisseur is an expert in judging its taste. This is highly subjective and open to interpretation. What you may consider astoundingly good, to another is too bold or bitter. What you may consider fine craftsmanship, to another may appear sloppily put together or ‘wrapped to tight’. Thus, the makings of a true connoisseur is not to prove your cigar tasting skills to others but to yourself. To refine YOUR tastes, YOUR likes, YOUR preference. Because what you may find amazing today, the same smoke may repulse you 5 years later as your taste buds refine and has had a chance to sample various different sticks and quality. It’s a guilty pleasure of experimentation not limited to anything but your own imagination.

We believe you’ll enjoy browsing our website reviews on all things cigar to help make your buying decisions a little easier on your wallet.

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– – – OUR #1 TOP PICK – – –


J.R. Cigars is the world’s largest cigar store. However, bigger doesn’t always mean ‘better’. In fact, it can be a hindrance on quality and customer service because of the immense size of its operation. See Walmart for example.

What they do differently most competitors have been unable to successfully imitate as well is integrate that small town ‘mom n’ pop’ cigar shop experience into blazingly responsive customer service, incredibly fast shipping, and some of the best smokes you’ll have in your life.

But this hardly a surprise. J.R Cigars is unique in that their online presence accurately reflects their retail store experience with friendly, knowledgeable and attentive staffers. This is NOT easy to pull off and is why most online cigar shops suffer, yet J.R Cigars makes it looks so easy one decade-long patron describes it as “Cigar Heaven”.

They carry a wealth of brands, accessories and options. There’s literally nothing you can’t find located all in one convenient space – online from the comfort of your home or office space.

Not only do competitors not come ‘close’ to their extensive inventory of smokes, brand recognition and customer service, they have a particularly difficult time matching J.R Cigars prices as well.

Frankly put, they ARE the best in the entire industry – bar none. Seriously. You will never come close to matching most of their options anywhere with anyone short of hand rolling a cigar yourself in Cuba, and even then you’re looking at a premium for the experience of doing so yourself. Competitors ‘try’ to match their prices but consistently fall short. Their distribution channels are too strong for most to compete directly with so you always get the best prices.

Also, while other shops, online or otherwise, ‘price gauge’ smokers during ‘cigar booms’, J.R artificially keeps their prices ‘lower’, exemplifying their loyalty to you.

As for the negatives, some find their house branded cigars to be ‘uninspiring’ and ‘lacking’. Lastly, they don’t carry super-premium and boutique brands that you’ve come to love and enjoy, for example, Oliva, Padron or Liga Privada.

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We believe the best reviews comes straight from the horses mouth – the people who frequent their online and retail shops most often to give the most accurate representation of what your experience will most likely resemble.

Of course, every experience is different and unique, but what we’re highlighting here is what you can expect in regards to shipment speed, consistency of cigar quality and customer service.

One customer, Jason T. from Yelp.com, said he’s been buying cigars from them for years. He added, “…cigars typically arrive within a business day or two” and that they have always been “fresh and ready to smoke” straight out the box.

He adds, “whenever I call customer service they’ve always been excellent.” One time he took a trip to their retail location in New Jersey just to take a gander and walked out with a humidor, but not before being given a tour of the world’s largest humidor. He found that to be quite impressive.

Another customer, Milton P. from Washington, DC Yelp.com, says he’s a huge fan and has been for over 20 years now. With prices going up and good cigar choices going down as of late this is his go-to spot to buy.

He’s particularly impressed with how fresh and packaged his investments are and the speed at which they’re delivered within 2 or 3 days tops.

Lastly, L. Harold F. from Santee, CA (also from Yelp.com) sang high praises of their customer services in returning an order of Padrons not up to his liking. He doesn’t fault them as he knows this comes with the territory when buying cigars from any brand or seller from time to time. What he was especially pleased with was how they handled it compared to his experience with another major online retailer.

Overall, you’ll likely never have issues with an order in regards to timeliness, price, or quality. Plus, Famous Smoke Shop likes to ‘toss in a free cigar or two’ every once in a while to help promote – and some are actually quite good!

Aside from the higher-than-average prices compared to their biggest competitors and the difficulty in snagging the hottest releases, frequent shoppers have nothing but positive things to say about this shop.

If you’re like most you’ll find yourself over the course of your life spending several thousands of dollars with them because their cigars are always in great shape, and if there is a problem (which happens to the best of them), they’re quick to replace any damaged or broken sticks.

Famous Smoke Shop’s considered one of the best places for everyday casual daily smokers or regular release stuff, bar none.

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Thompson has 100’s of cigar brands they sell on their outlet such as El Padrino, Flor De D’Crossier, Nitro, Nirvana, Nostalgia, Origen By J. Fuego, Ortega, Cubans, La Caya, Sparrow, Zino, Vivalo, Victor Sinclair, Vegas De Fonseca, Magna Carta, Leviathan, Lady Godiva, Don Tomas, Dram, and so much more!

And if you’re unsure about which cigars to try if you’re feeling a little adventures without overspending on something you may not enjoy, they have a variety of sample packs for you to choose from like the Thompson Artisan Collection Fifty Sample, Honduran Short Run Churchill, Victor Sinclair 20 Count Sampler, The 21 Gun Salute Sampler and more.

There abundance of accessories, pipes, and humidors makes this cigar outlet online center every smokers dream.

Below are perspectives from customers who have experienced Thompsons’ first hand:

Danny Beis from CigarInspector.com said she’s had a very positive experience with them thus far. Shipping speed was moderate (4 to 5 days) and not as fast as their competitors and wrappers were in good shape

Some of the most common complaints were the excessive sales phone calls pressuring previous customers to purchase more cigars. Although this has tampered down a lot of the years, it can occasionally be seen as an issue for some.

Another issue people have mentioned was the ‘under humidification” of cigars when they are delivered at the doorstep. This, however, is to be expected to some degree one cigars have been left out of the humidor for 2 – 4 days during shipping. The solution is to simply let the sticks rest for a few days in your humidor to bring them back to the quality levels they were at at the warehouse and they’re as good as new.

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Cigar Manor is, simply put, “All Things Cigar”. Though they have a variety of cigars to choose from such as the Alec Bradley line of cigars American Classic Blend, Family Blend, and Prensado cigars along with Camacho Corojo, Daniel Marshall Red Label, and E.P. Carrillo Cigars among others, their claim to fame is not their cigars but everything a cigar aficionado would want or need to make their smoking experience that much more enjoyable.

For example, their humidor line is especially compelling with many beautiful yet functional sets to choose from. Price ranges from $50 on up to several hundreds of dollars with some of the bigger name brand options such as Bugatti and Lamborghini.

Additionally, they have a number of lights, ashtrays, and cutters to round out the perfect smoking experience with class, style and sophistication.

What we appreciate particularly is the level of care and concern that goes into each item shipped to their customers. Unlike other big name brand companies that want to push as many products out as humanly possible to maintain higher profit margins, Cigar Manor holds the distinction of genuinely caring about their products and their customers with careful packing and shipping techniques. It’s not fun having expensive equipment and cigars ‘rattling around’ in a unprotected box.

Customers praise this company’s customer service etiquette and their speedy shipping delivery times.