Where enthusiasts go

People who know cigars know that not all cigars are created equally and not all cigar publications are created equally as well. We are one of the ones that has been around for a minute, but always the underdog, the publication that has had to claw its way up from the depths to get to where we are today.

And how did we do that? Well we kept our head down and created the best content that we possibly could. We let ourselves become the ones with the best reviews and best articles on cigars so that we could get a readership that was dedicated and that did not automatically go to the biggest publications.

We are where the pros go

The people that know that cigars are more than just for a special occasion, that they are a lifestyle choice. That they are more than just a way to display wealth and taste, but something that goes much deeper in establishing who a person is. These are the readers that we want and the people that we are proud to call our reader base, the people that have helped us get to where we are and stay at the top of the cigar game.